Biography - KorvellPhoto

I’ve been taking photos since 1970 when my college roommate lent me his camera, loaded with black and white film. The bug bit!

Three years later, after university, I attended Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara) for nearly 1 year. Burned out, I left Brooks with only about 40% of the course studies complete.

Off to New York to earn a real living (Thank God for that Econ. degree !). But the camera stayed behind.

After a career in sales, a family raised, a mortgage paid and 35 years gone by, I decided to re-find my "eye" as retirement approached.

Landscapes were my initial focus. However my eye trended to urban abstracts and, my favorite, street photography.

A street photograph is capture of every day, candid life. A street photograph is not a snap shot.  To me, it must tell or make a story in the viewer’s mind.

There must also be good composition. Both take observation and hunting of a scene or an activity to bring it all together.

I  try to make these a portrait of the people being photographed so they are clearly the object. That may involve dark room style post-processing editing, a no-no to street photographer purists, just not me.  I don't make traditional street photos.

And that’s what I try to achieve in every of my street photos.

 -  June 2016